You are a cosmic traveler on a journey of a lifetime. You have chosen to come to this planetary body, our mother earth to experience being separate from the source for a limited time. I am here to remind you of your cosmic origin, divine mission in this lifetime and the potential futures that you can embody based on your free will. You have a choice to remember & embody your highest self so you can shine your light brightly and be a source of love, inspiration ,happiness, joy & bliss for all who will come in contact with you.

All the information about your Past, Present and Potential Futures are in the Akashic Records, through certain Yogic & meditation practices you can re-open Psychic channels through your Third Eye and Heart Chakra to see the Akashic records and gain insights about your past, present and future life paths.

 I am here to remind you to remember your divine Natural Connection to your Infinite Higher Self to align your current life path with your true heart’s authentic life path in this Co-Creative Cosmic  Journey. 


"Both sessions with you have been most helpful. Before we met I was energetically blocked and a few days after our session I started noticing some very positive changes in my life to the point that I am now in a new home, and have the kind of job I had been wishing for years. You have helped me greatly in following my spiritual path. Thanks again and hope to have another session with you soon” Mar 

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an amazing loving way. Your guidance and resources have been very helpful on my life’s journey. I look forward to learning more from you as you have also taught me to not give my power away! Blessings to you always!" Ana

"He is really gentle and brilliant, he direct me to the right path for me. I really recommend him to anyone who needs healing or seeking insight for advise and direction. Thank you so much and keep up with your good work" Sara