My Story! How I discovered & cultivated my Intuitive Reading abilities. 


Drunvalo Melchizedek , Ac Tah Clifford Mahooty

Corey & Stacy GoodeMichelle Anderson  & Devara ThunderbeatJames Gilliland

Brigitte NielsenRion De’Rouen, Paul Longhetti


 Jason Stiles , Arcturus Ra and other beautiful starseeds

Michelle Anderson. Paul Longhetti , Dr Eric Pearl 

Corey Goode , Waves of Disclosure & Dolphin Adventure in Kona Hawaii

Waves of Disclosure in Kona, Hawaii with Dr. Michelle Sala , Joan Ocean & Jean Luc , Laura Eisenhower 


Corey & Stacey Goode with Roger


Emery Smith & Jill Love