My Story! How I discovered Psychic & Healing abilities, meeting with Great Teachers of Mystery!

Started his healing practices and psychic work in the year 2005 in Sydney, Australia after meeting with  of his guides and teachers. later moved to North America .

 My goal is to provide balance and harmony for those who contact me and be a conduit of the One Divine Source & to help others to also Re-connect to their own divine Infinite Blueprint.

This is a psychic reading & soul portrait by Celeste http://www.artsedona.net/ , It goes through why I am here. 

Drunvalo Melchizedek , Ac Tah Clifford Mahooty

Corey & Stacy GoodeMichelle Anderson  & Devara ThunderbeatJames Gilliland

Brigitte NielsenRion De’Rouen, Paul Longhetti


 Jason Stiles , Arcturus Ra and other beautiful starseeds

Michelle Anderson. Paul Longhetti , Dr Eric Pearl 

Corey Goode , Waves of Disclosure & Dolphin Adventure in Kona Hawaii

Waves of Disclosure in Kona, Hawaii with Dr. Michelle Sala , Joan Ocean & Jean Luc , Laura Eisenhower 


Corey & Stacey Goode with Roger


Emery Smith & Jill Love