Elixir Of Isis

Elixir Of Isis Chocolate Manna with Monoatomic Gold

Limited Quantities Available



" Elixir of Isis was delightful in taste, but more so it really set the tone for clearing my heart, mind, and the space in between. I've always had difficulty meditating in complete physical stillness. The chocolate elixir helped me establish a better connection to a more serene and joyful experience while meditating. I'm so thankful I came across Osiris Ra; he puts forth every effort in sharing his wisdom, and recommending tools for creating a more harmonious state of being. It's like he showed me a different method for reclaiming my happiness."


Here is the updated pricing as I am shipping with tracking informaton for Guaranteed delivery  

150 Grams of Elixir Of Isis Chocolate Manna   

$33 USD + Shiping with Glass Jar with Tracking + $15 USD = $48

$33 USD + Shiping with Resealable Packet with Tracking + $9 USD = $42