Cosmic Shaman, Healer, Psychic Medium &  Akashic Record Reading

Psychic Reading & Channeling

Live Reading via Skype or Zoom: Answers to Questions about your past, present and potential futures based on the choices that are present in your life Right Now!

Soul Signature Blueprint Reading: You are a unique being with unique soul signature frequency and have a unique purpose in this lifetime – I will tune in to source of all to find your unique talents, gifts and soul identify in this cosmic arena and also what's your divine purpose in this life time

Past lives reading: Can tune in and find your past lives and how it is related to what you are doing in this life time right now

Messages from your spirit guides: Yes you have spirit guides that guide you through your life's journey and you can communicate with them to learn more about your life's journey

The loved ones who have passed from this world  and are on the other side: If you have a loved one that is on the other side and would like to send or receive a message to them I can facilitate that

Energy Healing

Remote Healing and Attunements: Attuning You to  Healing Cosmic Frequencies – Can be done in person or remotely

Ususi Reiki Healing and Attunement to Master Level with Symbols

 Reiki is an ancient method of healing by attunement to Universal Energy.  It is "Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy" from an unlimited source.  It is a gentle, relaxing and balancing healing technique, yet it is extremely powerful. It can open many doors on our path to wholeness.

Reiki has evolved from the experiences of Dr Mikao Usui in Japan during the last century. Through research and meditation, he developed this healing system

Seichim Reiki Healing and Attunement to Master Level with Symbols

Seichim is a living light energy meaning which is most beneficial for working with emotional and mental levels or concerns, as well as that higher spiritual connection.

Meaning ‘power of powers’ or ‘might’, Seichim is similar to Reiki healing by working on our higher bodies to balance a person mentally and emotionally but also used for physical ailments.

Seichim healing has its origins in Egypt and was the place it was recently ‘rediscovered’

Reconnective Healing

Is often a life-changing experience, utilizing new frequencies to allow for healing of the body, mind, and spirit. Vastly different from Reiki, Johrei, Jin Shin, Qi Gong, or Pranic Healing, These highly palpable energies are initiated by your Reconnective Healing Practitioner at the start of your session, and continue working with you long after your session has ended. Through your participation in these sessions, you will be changed, operating at, and attuned to, a higher frequency than ever before.

Dr Eric Pearl "Reconnective Healing® is beyond any healing you've ever encountered. "If you are lucky your healing will come in the form you anticipate. If you are really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of – one which the Universe has in mind for you." 

Reconnection DNA Upgrade 

Originally the meridian lines on our bodies, sometimes called the acupuncture lines, were connected to the earth meridian lines at places of power, such as Machu Pichu, Sedona, and Stonehenge. These grid lines connect us to a vastly larger grid of the Universe with links to a timeless network of intelligence. Over time we became disconnected from these lines. The Reconnection reconnects you to these lines, allowing for the exchange of lights and information in you, the reconnection of your DNA strands and the reintegration of your DNA strings, activating a personal connection with the Universe, your full potential and your life purpose. PLEASE NOTE: While not required, it is suggested that you experience 1-3 Reconnective Healing ® sessions prior to receiving The Reconnection.

The Reconnection – Experienced once in a lifetime (2 sessions, one to three days apart) The contribution for this Re-connective DNA activation is $333 and must be done in Person

Matrix Energetics Healing

Matrix Energetics is a complete system of healing, self-care and transformation. It is a transferable and teachable phenomenon, powered by intent, which has a physical and observable effect every time.
Matrix Energetics sometimes appears magical in its expression but is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics and the concepts and laws of quantum physics, superstring theory and Sheldrake's Morphic Resonance. Often you will see and feel a wave like motion when Matrix Energetics is applied, as the person being worked on experiences a smooth wave of transformation and the body seems to drop in a completely relaxed wave instantly.
This transformation takes place by communicating at the quantum level with the wave fronts (energy and information) that create all of reality. 

This new paradigm gives you instant access to new states of awareness which make it possible to interact with the material world and transform it – to affect change connected to past traumas, injuries and emotional patterns. Matrix Energetics shows us how we can consciously choose to observe in a different way. As a natural extension of changing your way of perceiving, your old reality collapses and new possibilities materialize instantly. Physical and emotional conditions can be resolved with the speed of thought. People affect verifiable, observable changes instantly. Often you will see and feel a wave like motion when Matrix Energetics is applied, as the person being worked on experiences a smooth wave of transformation. What seems to be happening is that the unconsciousness and the biological physical field matrix is rearranging itself.

The live video session is about 1 hour and a recording will be sent to you with an email care package with recommendations customized for your life's journey. 


"Both sessions with you have been most helpful. Before we met I was energetically blocked and a few days after our session I started noticing some very positive changes in my life to the point that I am now in a new home, and have the kind of job I had been wishing for years. You have helped me greatly in following my spiritual path. Thanks again and hope to have another session with you soon” Mar 

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom in such an amazing loving way. Your guidance and resources have been very helpful on my life’s journey. I look forward to learning more from you as you have also taught me to not give my power away! Blessings to you always!" Ana

"He is really gentle and brilliant, he direct me to the right path for me. I really recommend him to anyone who needs healing or seeking insight for advise and direction. Thank you so much and keep up with your good work" Sara


$144 for 1 hour session. If you are a member of Galactic Logos Superhuman University (Free to Join) , you will save $33 so your new session becomes $111. You can register for free and I will verify with your email to confirm that you are a member of Galactic Logos Family. 

To schedule a session, send an email via contact form below, in your message indicate what kind of session you are interested in (Reading, Healing or Both), provide your email and phone number & I will contact you to schedule your appointment.  

You will receive a video meeting invite and a recording of your session will be emailed to you together with a email care package that contains the recommendations for your unique life path. This is done via Zoom video meeting application.