Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journey 

3 Day & Night Shamanic Healing Journey

Shamanic Journey the Experience with Rachel (See Below)

Contacting and feeling your higher self, Travelling to the Source "One" and back to the present time in your body: This is an advanced sacred journey and the effects of it will last as you will remember the missing pieces in your multidimensional journey in this lifetime. This requires holding space for you with a specific vibration from the heart center to experience this inner journey back to your higher self and to the Source "One".

You may see visions, sounds and feel the multidimensional Universe around you. The veil of separation from the source dissolves and you will have an experience of your higher self. You may remember your past lives, who you were and why are you here right now and your life's divine mission & story line will unfold in full understanding of Your "I AM" Presence in this Cosmic Universe.  

This is only for specific individuals who are ready to take the next level in their ascension & evolutionary journey. The Shamanic healing journey is done in person and is a private 1 on 1 event and requires to setup a video interview with you to better understand your needs and goals before attending this event. Vegetarian and Vegan Diet is recommended for participating in this event and a healthy lifestyle choice is required after completing this journey to maintain this higher vibration of consciousness in your daily life.